Jeden z efektów projektu ENSURE. Publikacja - a w niej LGD "Dolina rzeki Grabi". Dziękuję za możliwość udziału w projekcie To był wspaniały, kreatywny czas, który przyniósł nam kolejny projekt - Quest - we współpracy z Federacją Gmin Madrytu (FMM).

  • The publication “Cohesion and solidarity in rural areas - how do local actors get engaged in European policy making” is ready and available for free:
  • The publication was prepared by local and regional public officers, policy makers, academics and NGOs from 13 countries: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain and Latvia, who cooperated as partners within a project called European Network for Solidarity and Cohesion in Rural Areas (ENSURE) in the years 2017-2019. In the course of two years, the ENSURE partners developed transnational actions and local actions regarding a combination of two main subjects of the project: rural development and European citizenship.
  • It is addressed to policy makers, public officers, experts, civil society representatives, volunteers and citizens who are active (or who would like to become active) at any levels of policy making and democratic participation – from local to European.
  • More about the project: